La Fresca Rosa (produced for the Galway Early Music Festival 2021)


La Fres­ca Rosa cel­e­brates vocal and instru­men­tal cham­ber music inspired by the rich imagery and intense­ly emo­tion­al expres­sion that flour­ished in Italy through­out the first half of the 17th cen­tu­ry. Time­less themes of love, inno­cence, pas­sion and jeal­ousy are explored in a vibrant and var­ied selec­tion of works by Giulio Cac­ci­ni, Francesca Cac­ci­ni, Bar­bara Strozzi, Clau­dio Mon­tever­di, Giro­lamo Fres­cobal­di, Lui­gi Rossi and Luz­za­s­co Luzzaschi.

Record­ed in the stun­ning his­tor­i­cal space of the Blue Room at The People’s Muse­um of Lim­er­ick, 2 Pery Square, Lim­er­ick City. 

Ais­ling Ken­ny, sopra­no
Eamon Sweeney, lute and gui­tar
Yonit Kosovske, harpsichord


Watershed CD

The Water­shed CD fea­tures a new song cycle for voice and piano com­posed by Ailís Ní Ríain and com­mis­sioned by pianist Yonit Kosovske who per­forms along­side con­tral­to singer Julie Com­par­i­ni. The cycle con­tains fives songs on select­ed texts from Jes­si­ca Brown’s book of poet­ry And Say, a pro­found and per­son­al explo­ration of the human rela­tion­ship to nat­ur­al bod­ies of land and water in the west of Ire­land. The album also presents poet­ry read­ings by Jes­si­ca Brown, inter­wo­ven with field record­ings of nature sound­scapes along and near Lough Derg in Co Clare, Ire­land. To lis­ten and to pur­chase, vis­it our Shop.

Chrome Attic CD

Chrome Attic is a CD of solo chro­mat­ic key­board music from 17th cen­tu­ry Italy and Ger­many. Per­formed by harp­si­chordist Yonit Kosovske, the album includes com­posers: Gio­van­ni de Macque, Ascanio May­one, Michelan­ge­lo Rossi, Gio­van­ni Maria Tra­baci, Car­o­lus Luython, Gre­go­rio Strozzi, Tar­quinio Meru­la, Jan Pieter­szoon Sweel­inck, Dieterich Bux­te­hude, Johann Cas­par Fer­di­nand Fis­ch­er, and Georg Muf­fat. This record­ing is part of Yonit’s long-term Chrome Attic project and series explor­ing musi­cal chro­mati­cism and chiaroscuro in paint­ing and pho­tog­ra­phy. To lis­ten and to pur­chase, vis­it our Shop.

Fabulous Females on the Fringe: The Judith Project

Fab­u­lous Females on the Fringe is an inter­dis­ci­pli­nary months-long project that focus­es on musi­cal and artis­tic depic­tions of the Bib­li­cal char­ac­ter Judith, cul­mi­nat­ing in a video that fea­tures cham­ber per­for­mances of music by French Baroque com­pos­er Élis­a­beth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre, paint­ings by Ital­ian Baroque com­pos­er Artemisia Gen­tileschi, and con­tem­po­rary art, pho­tog­ra­phy, and dra­ma cre­at­ed by stu­dents at the Lim­er­ick Edu­cate Togeth­er Sec­ondary School. This col­lab­o­ra­tion was coor­di­nat­ed by Yonit Kosovske and Vlad Smishkewych (NATM/H.I.P.S.T.E.R.) and LETSS teach­ers Nor­ma Lowney (art/drama) and Deirdre Kin­nane (music). Musi­cians include Ais­ling Ken­ny (sopra­no), Deb­bie Dia­mond (baroque vio­lin), Sarah Gros­er (vio­la da gam­ba), and Yonit Kosovske (harp­si­chord). Spe­cial thanks go out to our sup­port­ing venues Lim­er­ick City Gallery of Art and Lime Tree The­atre, as well as to all the teach­ers, par­ents, admin­is­tra­tive staff, and tech crew whose time, ener­gy, and exper­tise have helped bring this project a real­i­ty. Pub­lic release sched­uled for mid-Jan­u­ary 2022 on the Lim­er­ick Ear­ly Music YouTube chan­nel — sub­scribe to our newslet­ter, below. 

The Judith video will pre­miere on YouTube at 20h00 Thurs­day 13th Jan­u­ary (UTC+0). To view the video, please vis­it this link.


WAVE~LINKS is a new video series explor­ing ear­ly music and arti­san­ry. As cura­tors of WAVE~LINKS, Yonit Kosovske & Vlad Smishkewych invite mul­ti-dis­ci­pli­nary musi­cians into con­ver­sa­tion about His­tor­i­cal Per­for­mance Prac­tice, while seek­ing con­nec­tions with their artis­tic (and some­times culi­nary) prac­tices out­side of music. Thus far, the videos have fea­tured Baroque vio­lin & paint­ing, Baroque vio­lin & glass arts, vio­la da gam­ba & mul­ti-media art, tra­ver­so & pho­tog­ra­phy, voice & weav­ing, voice & knit­ting, cor­net­to & fer­men­ta­tion, Medieval vielle and illus­tra­tion, build­ing vio­ls & pot­tery, harp­si­chord build­ing & paint­ing, Renais­sance dance & poet­ry, among oth­ers. In mak­ing WAVE~LINKS videos, Yonit and Vlad col­lab­o­rate with musi­cian-arti­sans through online and in-per­son inter­views, as well as through exten­sive writ­ten cor­re­spon­dence, to pro­duce cre­ative videos 10–15 min­utes in length. Each video is high­ly unique, indi­vid­ual, and per­son­al, but they all reflect upon, search, and delve into the lim­i­nal spaces that exist in between the mak­ing of music and art—finding shared or con­trast­ed per­for­mance prac­tices while seek­ing new ways of per­ceiv­ing their work through cross modal­i­ties and metaphor, from the poet­ic to the technical.

Hidden Soundscapes

A series of doc­u­men­tary films that explore the hid­den land­scapes of music and sound behind events in his­to­ry, art, cul­ture, and place.

Alive Again: The Repair and Restora­tion of a Harp­si­chord in Limerick

Lim­er­ick Ear­ly Music Fes­ti­val (LEMF) 2021 marked the debut of Hid­den Sound­scapes, a new video doc­u­men­tary series by Now and Then Media, Ltd. Hid­den Sound­scapes explores the hid­den sto­ries behind music, his­to­ry, and place. Alive Again fol­lows the sto­ry of the redis­cov­ery, repair, and restora­tion of a Klop harp­si­chord in Lim­er­ick, Ire­land, and fea­tures inter­views and per­for­mances by restor­ers Aiden Scan­lon and Michael Laf­fan; Lim­er­ick School of Music fac­ul­ty Maria O’Brien, Cecil­ia Mad­den, and Peter Bar­ley; and LEMF co-direc­tor and harp­si­chordist Yonit Kosovske.